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Project Description

Rightmove: Moving Stories Content Series

The Task: Rightmove is the UK’s top destination for house hunting. However buying a property only comes up a handful of times in a person’s life, and Rightmove wanted to expand their brand into the more emotional and wider territory of moving home. The brand idea “When life moves, make your Rightmove” was launched to firmly place the brand into this new emotional space. However, beyond a nation wide TV launch how could they sustain the conversation online and across different audience bases and passions?

The Solution: We developed a content strategy that aligned to the overall new brand positioning and creative approach. “Moving Stories” was born; stories of real people who have made extraordinary moves – the kind many of us think about and few of us actually make. Through social listening and desk research we uncovered topic areas of interest and uncovered a diversity of backgrounds, locations and emotional situations that would resonate with the Rightmove existing and potential audience base.