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Project Description


In 2009 O2 launched Gurus, in-store tech experts offering free, impartial advice. They had no sales targets, so could focus simply on being helpful. In a world of ever
more complex and data hungry phones and tablets, the service increased customer satisfaction and reduced the rates of handset returns.

After a couple of years, the service had proved so successful that O2 wanted to take it further. How could we bring the Gurus experience to even more people, including those who wouldn’t normally go into one of our stores, but research and shop purely online?

In 2011, we launched O2 Guru TV, a channel full of helpful and inspiring videos on every conceivable aspect of mobile gadgets and gizmos. By behaving like a publisher, and focusing on possibilities not problems, we have made O2 Guru TV the most popular How To channel in the UK, now averaging more than 1 million views a month.

O2 Guru TV has driven down the cost to serve customers, decreased handset returns, and increased revenue through improved customer satisfaction. And it’s now seen by manufacturers as a crucial part of the channel mix in their new product launches. By developing engaging and inspiring video, rather than the usual wordy and heavy content of other networks and manufacturers, we rose to the top of natural search rankings, and had our content posted by other sites, creating over 5,800 new links into O2.co.uk

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