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Project Description

O2 Guru TV:  reinventing customer service in the digital age

The Task: The launch of O2 Gurus in-store across the UK quickly showed to be a successful model for servicing customers better with their mobile phone help and advice. But by 2011, the competition was rising and O2 needed to extend their support in the digital space to widen their reach, build a more sustainable model and reach their younger audience.

The Solution:  02 Guru TV was born; initially launched as a digital extension to O2’s Guru customer service proposition it started as a customer self-serve channel, primarily through “How to” videos using smart SEO and social insights. However, fierce competition in the online space, encouraged that we stay ahead of trends. By 2012 we created one of the largest help, advice and inspiration Youtube channels within the UK, launching six branded entertainment shows built around digital thought leadership. Easy to follow how-tos, app releases, unboxing, celebrity cameos and a partnerships with Future Magazine Group made o2 Guru TV the destination for tech lovers and tech help tied into one.

The Results: By integrating content into core customer journeys, producing and distributing smartly, and setting clear business objectives rather than vanity metrics, O2 was able to use online video content to drive down the cost to serve customers. The initiative increased customer lifetime value, reduced churn, and drove partner revenue, achieving an incremental value of at least £188.76m.