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Project Description


At the end of 2016, Carlsberg was at the start of a journey of brand re-appraisal. Few UK consumers realised that Carlsberg was a Danish brand.  “The Danish Way” campaign was conceived as a path – a series of life choices that make Denmark one of the world’s happiest nations and that could help Carlsberg’s UK audience live better too. But to get an audeince of young men aged 24-34 to re-appraise our brand, we needed to take the Danish way beyond our brand world and into their world, connecting to their concerns and creating stories to propel us right into their social feeds — content, articles, videos, news, and updates from friends.

We devised the “Carlsberg Social Tap”, an intelligent newsroom approach designed to balance timely topicality with true brand relevance and powerful storytelling. Our single-minded mission was to bring the philosophies, rituals of Denmark to the Carlsberg audience and make them relevant to the UK, at the same time as entertaining them with a healthy dose of direct and witty attitude via our brand character, the “Danish Philosopher” portrayed in the launch campaign by Mads Mikkelsen.


In addition to creating character driven content with Mads, we also developed a series of Danish lifestyle films featuring Danish talent living both in Denmark and the UK.  To ensure audience discovery we partnered with HUCK MAGAZINE, who co-produced the videos and created surround editorial to sit across their social channels and website.  The series became the most engaged content for HUCK in 2017, including their unbranded content.

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