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Project Description

Carlsberg The Danish Way: relaunching a beer into the premium market

The Task: In 2016, the Carlsberg brand was in crisis.  They found themselves in a market that was increasingly more premium. Craft beer continued to rise in popularity, and negative perceptions of weak beer were only exasperating the problem. Customer delists, years of deep promotional activity and a dated brand identity saw this 170 year old icon struggling to stay relevant as the market and consumers changed around it. Our challenge was how to reinvigorate the brand to make it relevant again to Millennials who were leaving the brand, whilst also driving value to the category and profitability for the Carlsberg business.

The Solution: The Danish Way; a fully integrated rebrand and 2 year campaign built around its core Danish heritage. From TV ads and a content series featuring the well known Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, to Danish lifestyle editorial and multiple branded content series, we reinvigorate and premiumised the brand across every touchpoint;  giving Carlsberg a new purpose, focus and changing perception within the key target audience group along the way.

The Results: Carlsberg exceeded its profit forecast in 2018, with an operating profit growth of 10% to 11%.  The Danish Way campaign was so successful that it has since been rolled out globally as a new way forward for the brand as a whole.