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Project Description

Amex Open Forum and Small Business Saturdays

The Task: Nearly 60% of small business’s fail within 4 years.  Back in 2007,  American Express recognised that the best way to attract the right small business customers wasn’t to advertise to them,  but to add the much needed help, support and value they craved to make their business a success.

The Solution: It became clear in 2007, there was no real online space small business owners could meet like minded businesses, interact, get inspired or tools to support their business. Introducing Amex Open Forum;  a platform where small business customers could access rich content, and the help, advice and tools that was missing online.  We launched the forum by creating one of the very first content distribution strategies and online influencer programmes. By bringing prospective small businesses great content where they already liked to read it, we then attracted audiences into a destination further housing credible content along with a community of like minded companies and online tools for support. In 2010, to show dedication and further support to the growing community, we launched the award winning Small Business Saturdays, a now national holiday held in America and around to world to encourage consumers to “shop small” and support independent businesses the day after Black Friday.

The Results:  American Express became the poster child for best-in-class B2B content marketing.  Open Forum still remains to be the number 1 source of customer acquisition for American Express today.